1. Almost nothing has changed! Arizona’s broken and compromised 2020 Election Process was re-used in the November 2022 General Election and the results speak for themselves. The overt fraud that continues to be called out by We the People has made Arizona an international embarrassment. Nonetheless, corrupted Executive, Legislative and Judicial officials along with the media doggedly ignore the obvious and constantly deny the truth. 
  2. Arizona’s border is wide open! Chinese CCP fentanyl is flowing into our state carried by hundreds of thousands of illegals and child and sex trafficking is still a scourge!

  3. Arizona Public Schools are controlled by the same regime that has taken over the American government. The Arizona Public School System is languishing under woke practices rather than focusing on strategies to raise the level of student performance.

Arizona Patriots must rise and engage before our great State and Nation, along with our own God-given inalienable rights, are lost forever.

This may be your only call to action. Don’t put this aside. Because what happens next depends upon YOU.


  • Educate yourself: Watch "2000 Mules." The outrage over election fraud should be universal.

  • Demand that all Arizona elected officials set right our corrupt and broken election laws and voting systems.

  • Demand that Arizona police and sheriffs take legal action to stop the exposed and documented invasion of illegals.

  • Demand that Arizona close its borders.

  • Demand legislation to kill Critical Race Theory and Federal involvement in our Public Schools.

  • Shut down the US Department of Education and end union involvement in our schools and school budgets. 
  • Become a Precinct Committeeman.

  • Become an election poll worker or observer. 
  • Join Patriots of Arizona to learn firsthand what issues are most immediate, how to impact them and gain access to a community of like-minded people.

  • Learn how to use Right To Speak (RTS) to make your voice heard in Arizona legislative matters.
  • Sign up for times to sit in on the Arizona House and Senate and let them know we are paying attention and will not allow them to continue to ignore our needs and wishes. We are a people who hate injustice and corruption.

Everyone has a voice! Now is the time to use it. CALL your elected officials.

To make your voice heard call your Congressmen and Senators, ask to speak to their Legislative Aide (a call is significantly more leveraged than an email, tweet or text):

White House Comment Line



Senator Mark Kelly


Senator Kyrsten Sinema


Representative Andy Biggs


Representative Paul Gosar


Representative Debbie Lesko


Representative David Schweikert


US House of Representatives Switchboard Operator


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JFK to 911, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

Francis Richard Conolly chronicles the rise of the moneyed elite and the means employed to control history and undermine democratic institutions since WWI. It is a long film – three and half hours – and well worth every minute!

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This powerful documentary is prerequisite to a second POA event featuring an evening with renown Great Reset expert Patrick Wood! 

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JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick


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