Breaking News:  Women of Arizona is now Patriots of Arizona

Patriots of Arizona encourage both men and women to pursue its mission.

Patriots of Arizona is publicly launching at this year's biggest event in the conservative movement:  Turning Point USA's America Fest 2021!


America Awakens

Two important issues need everyone’s understanding and action. Your vote is not enough at this critical time for our country! Use your voice.

  1. Vaccine Passport: As the IRS made false claims against those they wanted to silence, a vaccine passport can be used as a tool to control citizens like Americans have never seen before. If you become a citizen “out of favor,” claims can be made against you that could prevent travel, where your kids go to school, where you work, or otherwise limit your freedom of choice. Additionally, such a measure would be in violation of HIPPA laws which protect your personal health choices and privacy.

  2. HR1/S1:This bill passed the House and will soon be voted on in the Senate. It dramatically changes the law that affects our elections. While the legislation is labeled “For the People” it more accurately might be called the “For the Corrupt Politicians” act. This bill takes away States’ constitutional rights to govern their elections. Its goal, by removing all regulations that provide for election integrity, is to create a single party control over our government. It takes power from the people and places control of the entire voting system into the hands of the Federal government. Socialists and leftists are selling this as a bill to stop “voter suppression.” The truth is the bill cancels “Voter Protection.” Insist that your senators reject HR1/S1. Call Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly NOW and demand that they vote against this legislation. Their office numbers are below. Don’t be deceived by terms like “Anti-corruption” bill or “Democracy Reform” bill. Don’t be deceived that it will “curb the influence of money in politics” when billionaire leftists like Soros, Steyer and Coulter support those who promote this bill.

Everyone has a voice! Now is an important time to use it. CALL your elected officials.

To make your voice heard call your Congressmen and Senators, ask to speak to their Legislative Aide (a call is significantly more leveraged than an email, tweet or text):

White House Comment Line



Senator Mark Kelly


Senator Kyrsten Sinema


Representative Andy Biggs


Representative Paul Gosar


Representative Debbie Lesko


Representative David Schweikert


US House of Representatives Switchboard Operator


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December 15, 2021
11:30 am - 2:00 pm


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Terravita Country Club
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